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CodingBat code practice

Java > String-1 chance

Basic string problems -- no loops. Use + to combine Strings, str.length() is the number of chars in a String, str.substring(i, j) extracts the substring starting at index i and running up to but not including index j. New videos: String Introduction, String Substring

 helloName H  makeAbba H  makeTags
 makeOutWord extraEnd firstTwo
 firstHalf withoutEnd comboString
 nonStart left2 right2
 theEnd withouEnd2 middleTwo
 endsLy nTwice twoChar
 middleThree hasBad atFirst
 lastChars conCat lastTwo
 seeColor frontAgain minCat
 extraFront without2 deFront
 startWord withoutX withoutX2

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