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We'll say that 2 strings "match" if they are non-empty and their first chars are the same. Loop over and then return the given array of non-empty strings as follows: if a string matches an earlier string in the array, swap the 2 strings in the array. A particular first char can only cause 1 swap, so once a char has caused a swap, its later swaps are disabled. Using a map, this can be solved making just one pass over the array. More difficult than it looks.

firstSwap(["ab", "ac"]) → ["ac", "ab"]
firstSwap(["ax", "bx", "cx", "cy", "by", "ay", "aaa", "azz"]) → ["ay", "by", "cy", "cx", "bx", "ax", "aaa", "azz"]
firstSwap(["ax", "bx", "ay", "by", "ai", "aj", "bx", "by"]) → ["ay", "by", "ax", "bx", "ai", "aj", "bx", "by"]

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public String[] firstSwap(String[] strings) { }

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