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CodingBat code practice cs111fall2019

Problem Bank

Remember that you can't use TAB for indentation, so use 2 spaces instead. You have as many attempts on each problem as you want.

For Sept 16, please do the test problem: test 

For Sept 19, please do these functions: basketball  sum  football  songs 

For Sept 22, please do these loop problems: power  sumTriplets  factorial  compound  growth3 

For Sept 24, please do these while loop problems: incrementTillEqual  yearsUntilDoubled  interest 

For Sept 27, please do this population model: bacteria H  

For Oct 9, please do these conditional problems: even  between  justone  sumprod  max3 

For Oct 22, please do the these string problems: nospaces  count_code  piglatin  vowels  cat_dog 

For Oct 27, please do these problems about dna, in lieu of Lab 3: clean  findATG  ssr H   orf  mark  gcFreq 

For Oct 29, please do these list problems: squares_better  countOdds  sumOdds  meanSquares  variance 

For Nov 1, please do these dictionary problems: list2dict H   my_len  count_values  distinct  count_duplicates  firstLetterCount 

For Nov 3, please do these slightly harder list problems: sumOddIndices  square  swap_better  remove_better  intersect  big_diff 

For Nov 10, please do these 2D list problems: max2D  sumRows  sumCols  find  diagonal 

For Nov 17, please do these recursion problems: recSearch  sum  minList  recFactorial  recPower 

For Nov 17, please do these slightly harder recursive problems: countUpper  RecFibonacci 

For Dec 13, please do these review problems: diagonal2  multiplicationTable 

For Dec 13, please do these overall review problems: xyz_there  evenParity  sentences  least_likely H   wordFrequency  factorization H   permutations H  

Other problems: powerLoop  factorialLoop 

Future potential problems...

Arithmetic: geoMean 

Loops: sumDigits  sum13  factorial  Fibonacci *

Conditionals: sumprod  max3  even  between  justone  sum_double H   diff21 H   makes10 H   near_hundred H   pos_neg H  

While: incrementTillEqual  yearsUntilDoubled  interest 

Lists: sumOdds  countOdds  variance  median  squares_better  remove_better  swap_better  intersect  meanSquares  big_diff  sumOddIndices  square 

Lists and Strings: findall  stars  searchBool  longest  differ  differ 

Strings: difference  count_code  evenParity  makeEvenParity  hamming  double_char H   txtHelp  piglatin  vowels  nospaces  username  sentences  capitalize  findWord  cat_dog  xyz_there  countNames  count_hi H   is_palindrome H   not_string H   front_back H   front3 H  

String problems with solutions: string_bits H   string_match H   string_times H   string_splosion H   array_front9 H   front_times H   last2 H   array123 H   array_count9 H  

Dictionaries: list2dict H   my_len  distinct  count_values  count_duplicates  least_likely H   wordFrequency  firstLetterCount 

2D Lists: diagonal  find  multiplicationTable  sums  diagonal2 

Sorting: selection_sort_better 

Recursive: sum  recPower  recFactorial  minList  countUpper  RecFibonacci  recSearch  collatz H  

For loop inside a recursive function: change H   changes H  

Difference Equations (Optional): annualInterestYears  compoundInterestAmount  pond4  growth2  SIS  growth3  growth4  growth  zombieApocalypse  amoebaGrowth  bacteria H   vampireApocalypse 

Problem Solving: end_other H   whacks H   whack_a_mole H   has22  centered_average  sum67  blackjack H   factorization H   permutations H   combinations H   bowling H   nim H   stone_temple_farmers  dvr_remote H   piglatin H   piglatin2 H   is_balanced  balance_parens H  

Exam 1 practice: football  distance  age  time 
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