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Logic-2 > round_sum
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For this problem, we'll round an int value up to the next multiple of 10 if its rightmost digit is 5 or more, so 15 rounds up to 20. Alternately, round down to the previous multiple of 10 if its rightmost digit is less than 5, so 12 rounds down to 10. Given 3 ints, a b c, return the sum of their rounded values. To avoid code repetition, write a separate helper "def round10(num):" and call it 3 times. Write the helper entirely below and at the same indent level as round_sum().

round_sum(16, 17, 18) → 60
round_sum(12, 13, 14) → 30
round_sum(6, 4, 4) → 10

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def round_sum(a, b, c):

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