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CodingBat code practice recursion

Description:Recursion-1 problems for python

Basic recursion problems. Recursion strategy: first test for one or two base cases that are so simple, the answer can be returned immediately. Otherwise, make a recursive a call for a smaller case (that is, a case which is a step towards the base case). Assume that the recursive call works correctly, and fix up what it returns to make the answer. The first problem below (python_recursion_eg) has a basic example with a detailed hint.

You can see a more thorough introduction to recursion at topcoder. The basics are covered up to the "Why Use Recursion" heading, or you can read through the entire thing for a deep introduction to the subject. ( )

python_recursion_eg H    factorial H    bunnyEars 
bunnyEars2   triangle   count8 
fibonacci   countX   countHi 

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