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CodingBat code practice all

Basic Calculation

square H   negate  funkyCalc 

distance  ftoc  ctof 


Basic Booleans

isBig  isEven 

sleep_in H   monkey_trouble H   parrot_trouble H  

makes10 H   near_hundred H   pos_neg H  

Decisions: (numerical)

diff21 H   no_teen_sum  sorta_sum 

lone_sum  lucky_sum  round_sum 

More booleans: (can be done without if statements, but using an if-statement can partition your logic)

make_bricks  close_far 

Magic Pair (more complex descision)


Loop numbers

sumFromZeroToN H   sumAtoB  fiveSumFromZeroToN  specialSumInclusive 

specialSumExclusive  sumOfFirstNSquares  sumSquaresBetween  sumOfPowers 

Looping over digits


countDigits  countOddDigits  countPrimeDigits 


hailLen  maxHail  maxHailRange 

String and Loops

countLetter  findLetter 

findWord  countWord 

isVowel  countVowels  noVowels  isConsonant 

Character Manipulation:

shiftCharacterByOne  shiftCharacter  shiftWordByOne  shiftWord  myUpper  myCapitalize 

Rot13 and chr()/ord() related problems:

rot13Char  rotXChar  rot13  rotX  myInt 

More String

plusOut  xyBalance  repeatFront  getSandwich 

isCap  hasThreeCaps  noConsecutiveCaps  noConsecutiveCapsSpecial  sameStartChar 

Removal from strings

removeCharFromString  removeFromString 

List related problems

makeListOneToN  makeHailList  makeListNEvens  makeEvenListToN  makeSentence  makeFibList 

Num To Words

NumInWords H   numToWordsLarge 

Processing text

pigLatinSimple  pigLatin  pigLatinBest  capitalizeSentence  pigLatinMultiple 

List Modification Functions

testRemoveNegatives  testMoveNegatives  testReverseWithCaps 

Challenge problems (optional)

Number Conversion (requires: loops, strings, conditionals)

base 2 - decimal conversion

binaryToDecimal  decimalToBinary 

base n - decimal conversion

dton  ntod 

base n - base m conversion... think about how you can do this!
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